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Our Story

Decibells is a community handbell ensemble located in Lake County, Ohio. The inspiration for Decibells was formed in the spring of 2022. Several ringers, attending the Area 5 handbell festival in Cleveland, had just watched a professional handbell choir play an eclectic rock set. These local ringers, being true Clevelanders, wanted to play rock & roll too! The ringers noted that while churches have enjoyed handbells for many years, only recently has there been an explosion of secular music arrangements for bells. One observant ringer noted that Lake County didn’t have a community ensemble and many people have never seen a handbell performance. The ringers decided to remedy this situation. Several months and a lot of talking later Decibells was born!  Composed of musicians from all walks of life, Decibells combines bells, stories, humor and visual elements for entertaining, free, family friendly concerts. Come experience the joy of handbell ringing!

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Contact us!


rehearsal space:

2019 Hubbard Road, Madison, Ohio 44057 

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